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GRGR is Proud of our Fierce Femme Collette Maclafferty Standing up for Woman Everywhere!
Proving once again Girls Rock & Girls Rule!

Singer sued for $10M & branded as “too old & ugly” makes a come back.

What started out as a $75 gig to sing in a P!NK tribute band lead to Collette McLafferty (41) being sued for $10M and almost ended her career. She overcame with a new video covering P!NK’s Perfect (with 20,000 views on Facebook) and her first solo album “42” being released on her 42nd birthday, 11/23. She also found a calling for both legal reform and ageism activism, calling for all women to “feel no shame.”

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An Open Letter to Shirley Manson From Collette McLafferty
Fierce Femme and GRGR Alum!
Speaking out and up for Women in Rock and Fighting for the Music and Against Ageism!

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GRGR Founder Is Trying to Get “Fixed”!

Just “Fix Me” Already!
Perhaps the Secret To Our Evolution Lies In Not Taking Ourselves Too Seriously!
At least that’s singer-songwriter Gail Silverman aka G’s take in her newly released video “Fix Me”.

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Girls Rock & Girls Rule Reunites for Two Nights of Rock & Roll in New York Area

Singer-instrumentalists Gail Silverman, Rew Starr, Michele the Vamp (of Loki the Grump), and Marisa Mini – best known for their ferocious, funny, empowering and sometimes downright raunchy sets – return to their New York roots for a mid-Fall, two-night Girls Rock & Girls Rule showcase!

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[11 Aug 2013 | By Marisa Torrieri | No Comment | 1,326 views]
Review Gail Silverman aka G. Solo Release

Intense, Alanis Morisette-influenced, angry rocker girl takes a spiritual, introspective angle on new record.

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After nearly 17 years surviving New York City’s creative, yet intensely competitive, music scene, Girls Rock & Girls Rule founder and musician Gail Silverman made like a winter bird and transplanted to Sarasota, Florida. With the move she left behind memories of late-night subway rides and heavy, rock-and-roll jams with other female-infused bands she helped to elevate. More notably, she also left her band for sunnier, warmer pastures. So, of course, it only made sense that she would create a record that reflected this moment in her life.

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It continues to thrill me every time I come across another Fierce Femme who is ruling the drums with skill, style and power to match any of their male couter-parts. Recently on a visit to my home town of NYC I went to a show coordinated by GRGR’s very own Rew (of Rew & Who) and had the pleasure to catch on the rise NY band: Blue Movie! The entire ensemble really rocked it, super tight, great sound, and not bad to look at either and was happy to see two ladies as core members of the band, Daniela Viteritti on bass and Lisa Foederer on drums. Lisa was a real standout for me holding it down without holding back and I knew we had to spread the word and feature her as a GRGR Fierce Femme. So our lovely Rew interviewed her to get you all the inside scoop for you! Enjoy!

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