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How To Get A Gig, Tip 4

10 November 2009By Michele Stork 3,811 views No Comment

Hey Rockers! You are IN the club and ready to go! We’re going to close out the series with a few tips to keep that good vibe with the club alive:

One of the first things to do when you arrive at the club (besides finding out where to put your instruments if you’re not setting up right away) is find out the names of everyone working there that evening. If it’s a big venue with bunches of people, then at the very least learn the bartender’s name and the soundperson’s name.

Once you’re up on stage, try to do what the soundperson asks (most of the time) in regards to a soundcheck or line check.  FYI, with a soundcheck you really get a thorough check of your stage sound. The soundperson goes through each instrument and vocal individually and together and really makes sure the sound is well-balanced. It usually takes a little bit of time and you can run through a part of a song (or whole depending on how much time you have). A line check is done in between sets when there is no full soundcheck. It is quick and varies depending on the soundperson. Sometimes s/he will still go through each instrument and vocal individually, but very quickly. However, I’ve been in situations where we get on stage and set up and the soundperson says “Are you ready?” and we’re like.. um.. line check?  And the soundperson will say, “No need, I’ll do it during your first song”. Yeah, that’s not really okay. In that situation, we usually pick a song that we don’t play very often and only play part of it. That way we have basically created our own line check without losing more than a minute of set time.

Now you’re checked and ready to play. Somewhere near the beginning of your set, maybe after the 2nd or 3rd song, remind your crowd to tip the bartender (by name). And then right before your last song, thank the soundperson (by name) and thank the club booker/promoter (by name). If you’re the singer and get caught up and forget (as I ashamedly admit I sometimes do), make sure one of your band members knows to back you up and do it for you!  (Thank the universe for my bass player!)

Great show!!  And after the gig – it can’t hurt to send the club a thank you email. Sounds corny, but as long as the note is genuine (and preferably not gushy), it’s a nice thing for them to get.  It’s not a common practice and could just make your band stand out in a positive sense! Cheers, dear Rockers!

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