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The Pack a.d. – We Kill Computers

31 May 2010By Dietmar Stork 3,498 views No Comment

The Pack a.d. - We Kill ComputersChances are that you’ve heard The Pack a.d. before. The duo from Vancouver played an impressive 157 gigs last year, even made it to Europe with No Means No, and played at Santo’s Party House In NYC this March. They still found the time to record an album, entitled ‘We Kill Computers’, their third release after the self-published ‘Tintype’ and 2008’s ‘Funeral Mixtapes’.

‘We Kill Computers’ is a bit of a surprise: Even though the duo consists of a drummer and a guitar player (the standard line-up these days, it seems), the music is still fairly diverse. Well, it still is guitar rock of course. But while ‘Everyone Looks Like Everyone’ is (too) close to the sound of Alanis Morissette, the next title – ‘Crazy’ – is a nice melodic song. And that is followed by a bluesy interpretation of a standard Black Sabbath riff minus the heaviness.

It’s easy to see why guitarist/vocalist Becky Black and drummer Maya Miller worked so hard to get this diversity into ‘We Kill Computers’: with this line-up it is so easy to be trapped in a very small niche.

At the same time it turns ‘We Kill Computers’ into an album with a lot of ups and downs. Great songs like ‘Crazy’ or the noisier blues ‘Catch’ are followed by songs where the music sounds a little bit too clean.

Let me guess: The Pack a.d. and their producer weren’t fully able to conserve the band’s live sound on the studio recording. Which actually should mean that the band is great to watch live.

Dietmar Stork


Video for ‘Making Gestures’ (from ‘Funeral Mixtapes’):

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