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3 Kisses – “Lethal Love Addiction (Batteries not included)”

10 August 2010By Dietmar Stork 4,555 views 2 Comments

3 Kisses - Lethal Love AddictionThere was a time when good, threatless punk rock (if this is not a contradiction in itself) had its moment. Green Day’s “Dookie” is one of the finest examples of this style – an album that is heavy and catchy, aggressive but not angry. An album that makes you want to do things: not smashing windows but riding your bicycle or your skateboard. “Sunday morning punk,” that is what I call this music.

3 Kisses call their songs “Texas Party Punk” which is pretty much the same idea. It’s music for parties which are fun – for drinking beer at night but without the hangover, for jumping around at a gig, but not for slam dancing and hurting each other.

It doesn’t mean 3 Kisses are “good clean fun”: In “Girls Night Out”, Tish Meeks sings about how she wants to get laid. A nice package is mandatory, and she keeps the right to refuse. Considering how seriously some (male) hard rockers sing about sex, this is a song that definitely makes you giggle. Or should male listeners protest against the “sexism” here?

Don’t worry: “Lethal Love Addiction (Batteries not included)” is not all silliness. ‘IMMaterial” for example is about the consumerism which is driving people into more and more debt these days. But the lighthearted songs – love songs, especially – are the majority here.

Musically, the album is pretty diverse considering it’s filed under “party punk” which sounds one-dimensional. “All That Matters Is Love” is a classic melodic punk title, catchy as hell and a great album opener. “Feel The Hammer” shows the band’s ability to play slower, riff-oriented heavy rock. And the already mentioned “Girls Night Out” could be a punked-up Joan Jett title.

So if you like a very catchy album that makes you sing along – ‘”Lethal Love Addiction” might turn into a not necessarily lethal, but very enjoyable music addiction for you. Make sure the CD is included.

Listen to the album, which is released by Ratpack Records, on Reverbnation.

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  • Jeff said:

    Thank you, Thank you for the awesome review :)

  • Tina said:

    Great review and right on the mark! I love this CD and can’t get it out of my player :) Tish Meeks is the ultimate female front-woman and a true rocker!