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Lorraine Leckie: “Each song is a true story”

12 August 2010By Rew Starr 5,603 views One Comment

Lorraine LeckieLorraine Leckie is a no-nonsense singer/songwriter whose music combines honest, heartfelt poetry with beautiful, simple melodies, all performed with an attitude that’s hard as nails and barely concealing of an aching vulnerability just below the surface.

Before turning her heart over completely to music, however, Lorraine’s artistic side and her desire to see the world drew her to the field of fashion. She became a makeup artist and worked in the fashion industry while living abroad in cities such as Paris, Milan, Hamburg, and Sydney, among others. Her life experiences in these environments have inevitably become part of the texture of her music.

Lorraine has just released a new CD, Martini Eyes, and her band Lorraine Leckie & Her Demons performs regularly at venues in New York City’s Lower East Side and in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Her Demons, in order of arrival are: Demon 1… George Koelle on Bass; Demon 2… Paul Triff on drums; Demon 3… Hugh Pool on electric guitar; and Demon 4… Buddy Cage on pedal steel.

Lorraine says she looks forward to nothing more in her musical future than to continue her nightly ritual of sitting at her kitchen table around midnight, enjoying a beer, and trying to solve another puzzle which might turn out to be a song.

Check out her chat with our very own Rew!

ReW: Please give me ALL your websites..gigz..all you want to promote before I forget to ask later…

Lorraine: Ooph… www.LorraineLeckie.com.

I’m playing a free show at Banjo Jim’s on August 7th at 7pm followed by the Hugh Pool Band at 8pm. It’s at 700 East 9th st @ Ave C.

I also have a CD release for my new solo CD, Martini Eyes, on August 12th in Toronto at The Rivoli at 9pm, followed by Sara Kamin at 10pm and Lindi Ortega at 11pm. It’s a $10 cover and a free CD with entrance!

The New York CD release is going to be on Wed Sept 29th at Rockwood Music Hall, Stage 2, at 8pm. FREE!!!!

ReW: Thank u so much for doing this interview for *GRGR*.

Lorraine: No sweat.

ReW: You always have a ToN of exciting stuff going on ALL the time musically…cds, movies, travel…what’s on the horizon these days???

Lorraine: Like I said, the CD release is coming up in Canada and New York.  Thursday, August 12th at The Rivoli in Toronto. Then a NY release on Wednesday September 29th at Rockwood Music Hall.

I am also in a movie being released this fall, Dirty Old Town, by Jenner Furst, Daniel B Levin, and Julia Willoughby Nason, and starring Billy Leroy.

ReW: U certainly are a Girl that Rocks & inspires all the time…I have to say I LUV ‘You always get a SOnG’!  Is that the name of that tune?

Lorraine: It’s called “Always Got a Song” and I’m glad you like it.

ReW: I swear when I saw you at Banjo Jim’s that Saturday I felt like I knew you & you did know me..but how do I know YOU?  Do you remember where we met?

Lorraine: The Passout Record Shop!!! with our dear friend PeeWee.

ReW: And then Hugh was playing with you…He worked at Sun Mountain Cafe, the first place I ever did an open mic… I haven’t seen him since back then, it was amazing seeing him playing with you… I feel like you are so easily living your dream. Does it come as easy as it looks?

Lorraine: It’s pure hell. Every step is a miracle! I’ll be living my dream when I make some fucking money and go on the road and play every night!

ReW: Who inspires your songz? One or many people?

Lorraine: My family and friends, movies, poetry and anything else I can get my hands on.

ReW: I luv lyrics & stories and it seems this new album is loaded with both.

Lorraine: Each song is a true story about someone I know.  Well, “Hillbilly” is a little dramatized.

ReW: Do you have a favorite? Or an all time favorite song you wrote? Why?

Lorraine: It’s asking like which one of your kids you love the best. So no favorites.

ReW: Can you tell me about “Trouble”? Did you really have trouble?? I know u got back up… I luv that one soo much.

Lorraine: Well I’m 49 years old and I’ve lived all my life as an artist. I always made my own money and my own way so I’ve had a lot of “Trouble” as you can well imagine. Writing makes the trouble go away!  And I’m glad you like that one too.

ReW: So being in the movie as a Minstrel, your adorable self, what was it like…& how were you approached for it??

Lorraine: It was great ’cause I could just be myself and sing my own songs. When you see the movie in the fall at the premier in September you’ll understand how I was approached, it may have something to do with Billy’s Antiques on Houston Street.

ReW: Would you want it again?

Lorraine: Want what?
- The movie
- Trouble
- Music
- Another drink with you – YES to ALL!!!

ReW: What do you think of Facebook? Hehehee

Lorraine: I call it FaceCrack and I think it’s awesome. Even when I’m in a rotten mood it makes me giggle.

ReW: MySpace…

Lorraine: Great for musicians, I met a lot of people on there and until Facebook took over it was the thing.

ReW: Twitter… Yea all of it…!

Lorraine: I haven’t figured Twitter out yet but I will.

ReW: Do you believe everything you read??

Lorraine: Well a lot of it is people’s philosophies and if someone says they’re doing something fantastical or evil then yes, I believe them!

ReW: Do you say the truth when you post?

Lorraine: Absolutely, I can’t help it.

ReW: I know you used to be a famous make-up artist, how did you start that & would you ever want to do it again?

Lorraine: I started in Canada with Flare Magazine and then went to Europe for many years, traveled everywhere, I worked for all the magazines.  Then when I came into New York I started working with a lot of celebrities. That’s not nearly as much fun as fashion so I got bored and started playing music. And no, I would never want to go back!

ReW: You sure have a unique style, where do you shop? What do you eat?

Lorraine: At the flea market in The Garage on 25th St between 6th and 7th. I have a sensitive stomach so I eat pretty simple.

ReW: How else do you make a buck these days?

Lorraine: I am the manager of Billy’s Antiques and Props on Houston Street @ Bowery. You can find me there every day from 3-8pm – unless it rains!

ReW: In the next year what is your number one wildest goal?

Lorraine: To tour more!!!

ReW: Addams family or Munsters?

Lorraine: Both?

ReW: Thank you sweeetie… I am your BiGGest Fan… xxxx

Lorraine: You’re a sweetie too and I’m looking forward to our September 1st ReW & WhO with Billy Leroy and Clayton Patterson! And maybe the Gothic Hangman…

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