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Dear Vamp… Part II

27 October 2010By Vamp 3,452 views One Comment

Seeking advice? Have a question? Thick-skinned enough? Write in to Dear Vamp! You may not get the answer you want, but you’ll certainly get the answer you need…

Dear Vamp,

Ooo..dear vamp where to start? I’m nawing at my brain for several reasons and I need your advice.

A) I live in a hick town (to me it is) where there are hardly any music venues to perform at, and I’ve been there, done that with the slim choices there are and have made a name for myself, but at the moment I am not able to perform there

) Since I am not performing as much as I used to, due to sucky location. Should I just perform wherever I can, nursing homes, etc or is this a waste of time?
I have chosen to go back to school in the meantime and take some voice lessons to freshen up and exercise, go on auditions I find out about, write songs, and learn guitar..any other suggestions while I wait for my big break?

) I have been sending packets out to agents for some time now, and still haven’t been able to get one…so I am frustrated with that. I know I should keep on sending…..but maybe there is something I need to change in the packet..I add my photo, resume, a cover letter, and 3 song demo-1 with a disney tune and 2 originals..any suggestions?

) I had a potential person who promised to put a band together for me, but everytime I email him or send him a song list, etc…I do not hear back from him

HELP HELP HELP What can I do in the mean time? Should I keep bugging the guy or leave it alone? I feel I have persisted enough with him and if he isn’t interested, than O well, I will find my own way.

- Nawing at my brain

Darling NAMB… sweetie, I feel so bad for you… NOT! I got sucked into your sob story for about, oh, NEVER!

Besides misspelling “gnaw” and apparently not knowing how to proceed from “A”, let me try to be as clear as possible about your malfunction: WAITING!!
You said it yourself, what the #@% are you waiting for?

If you TRULY want to be a superstar of some kind, you… now listen closely…. DO NOT WAIT! Waiting for your big break, waiting for some dummkopf to put your band together for you, waiting for an agent to hold your hand, waiting for your location to not suck, waiting for me to give you all of the answers, waiting, waiting, waiting….

The one smart thing you’re doing is refreshing your skills! But asking if you should sacrifice your boring do-nothing days with gigs that will hone your craft? Gasp, heaven forfend! Sigh… the question here REALLY is: How BADLY do you WANT this? If the answer is REALLY REALLY BADLY, O GODDESS VAMP – then YES Brainiac – you play wherever/whenever you can! If that means nursing homes, and/or hospitals then shut your whining and play! It also means playing those boring little venues you’ve played SO many times – that’s the way you build a fanbase! If no one shows up, you STILL play as if you’re playing to an arena!

Or… you can always just go give yourself a pedi and wait for your big break. Of course, the next big superstar might be playing to YOU in a nursing home by then….

With sanguine smooches,


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  • Minigirl said:

    It’s true — this girl needs to think about all those musicians out there who have even fewer opportunities than she does. At least the nursing home wants her!