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29 September 2014By GRGR 2,440 views No Comment

GRGR Alumni New Day Dawn has just released a new music video for their song “You Are My Everything”!

Over 6 months ago, they set out to make a video that told a story — ya know, like they did back in the days on MTV ? Remember watching Michael Jackson’s THRILLER or Pat Benatar’s “LOVE IS A BATTLEFIELD” and feeling like you were watching a “mini-movie”? Their hope is that for the 4 minutes you watch this video, you are transported into the story, care about the characters, and maybe even relate to them abit…

Keep in mind this is NO SMALL TASK….especially for an INDIE band! Bands don’t have the budgets or resources that a major label would have (heck the major labels don’t spend the same budgets as they did back in the day of the videos we are talking about !!!)… So when lead singer Dawn Botti approached director Thomas Mignone (Doom Inc.) about her concept of telling a story using only “feet” and then explained that it took place in over 15 different locations (a hospital, a church, a highschool, etc) spanning over 3 decades of the couple’s lifetime.. she was expecting him to run for the hills!! But instead of being deterred, Mr. Mignone – a true music video veteran with over 350 rock videos under his belt (and even a few MTV music video awards to show for them)- was instead inspired!

We sincerely hope you enjoy what you are about to see and that it touches your heart, makes you laugh…maybe even cry.

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