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The Heart of GRGR

“What do you get when you put a bunch of kick-a$ rock chicks together with a sense of purpose? You get a better world –or at the very least good step towards one—with one great soundtrack” — Stephen Bailey, StephenBailey.com.

“Bringing back some much needed curves into everyone’s music scene is G-spot’s female front woman, Gail Silverman. Starting the Girls Rock & Girls Rule Tour, she’s not only bringing female rockers to the masses, she’s also giving some much needed attention to communities across the US” — Vanessa Ciccone, Pulse Weekly.

For over 10 years Girls Rock & Girls Rule has continued its mission of creating awareness and exposure for independent female artists while helping women in the community. Girls Rock & Girls Rule began as a single event in NYC in 2002 and the toured extensively from 2006-2008 up and down the East Coast.

For the past several years GRGR has focused its efforts on building opportunities for exposure for lady rockers in the digital community via the website and social media. Featuring profiles and stories on today’s hottest women in the industry (both well known and independent), plus advice, fresh music, videos, rocker resources and more.

GRGR features female rockers groovin’ on everything from pop-rock, to punk, to metal in all colors, shapes and sizes! Its not about the external package its about making great music! GRGR music lovers are guaranteed to experience the fiercest fresh new sounds!

GRGR has showcased and brought attention to hundreds of Fierce Femmes over the years including Indie sensations such as New Day Dawn, Queen V (featured in 2013 Guitar World), LoveBettie (Vans Warped Tour 2013), Edible Red, Lorraine Ferro (2013, The Voice), Infernophonic and many many more.

What’s next? In 2013/2014 GRGR is partnering with F.L.O.E. (First Ladies of Entertainment Productions) webcast and radio show and is thrilled to bring a new level of opportunity and exposure to the many more amazing under the radar artists. GRGR will continue to showcase the Fiercest Femmes you may not know about but certainly should! Stay tuned for more information on this amazing opportunity. http://www.floe-online.com/

Part of the Girls Rock & Girls Rule mission is to give back and in the past GRGR has supported organizations such as Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls, a non-profit summer day camp serving girls aged 8-18, the Voices of Women Organizing Project, Battered Women’s resource Center and Habitat For Humanity’s Women and Girl Build programs.

Given the challenging state of the music industry and the lack of female rockers on the forefront today, that continues to permeate today’s music scene, GRGR continues to be a relevant platform that will being attention to all the fantastic women who are making the kind of music people want to hear. These are not re-touched pop princesses or radio clones they are unique, original and ready to show the world they can rock as hard if not harder than their male counterparts!


Here are just some of the amazing artists that have graced the GRGR stage over the past few years!

G-spot, Loki the Grump, Kitten & the Cougar,The Rewd Ones, Tara Elliot & The Red Velvets, The Bloomingfields, Edible Red, Stark, Josephine, Alycea Ench, Royal Pink, Tibbie X, Solito, Trauma Team, S.M.U.T, America’s Sweetheart, Joanie Loves Tchotchkes, New Day Dawn, Jazzy Jan Loe, Infernophonic, All Out Riot, The Rosies, Dormitory Effect, Curly and The Rocket, Tami D’Mar, Pink Flag, Princess and the Criminals, South85, SPAREChange, Kink Ador, ShotgunDiary, Entheos, The Banana Convention, SoulShine, Lovebettie, Motorpsychos, Elise Major, ZoiRose, Victims of Experience, Edible Red, The Catholic Girls, All Out Riot, Dormitory Effect, The Raygun Girls, The Rosies, Esmirelda & the Tidbits, Grandma’s Mini, Olivia & The Housemates, Project Applesauce, Milwaukee Tell, Semiblind, Soraia, Prima Donna, Odd Girl Out, The Degenerettes, Shooting Ropes, Spark is a Diamond, If Man Is Five, Beyond Blonde, The Lydia Warren Band, Sanity Is Chaos, Covin, Pasco Roberts, The Turnaround, Silence Bleeds, Cootie Shot, Cheap Perfume, Royal Pink, Luff, Loudlife and more!

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