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Michele Stork –Director of A&R –“Loki the Grump”-"known for their punchy hooks, driving pulse and a strong female vocalist who brings it all together. Kind of like the lovechild of Black Flag and Poly Styrene,”says Church of Girl. Village Voice describes them as "theatrical, sardonic punkrock", while Distant Warning UK exclaims, “Such character. It's like a female JelloBiafra. Amazing!”FrontwomanMichele Jaffe –the 2004 recipient of the Abe OlmanScholarship Award through the Songwriters Hall of Fame for "Excellence in Songwriting" -has evolved from playing drums in punk/gothbands into a loud, raucous and in-your-face rock goddess! Although Michele writes in many different styles, her passion lies in creating more empowering and highly relatable “you can’t keep me down”type lyrics embedded in catchy, driving punk-inspired hooks. As “music is one of the most powerful ways to make a positive difference in the world,”she also helps organize music benefits/events for causes as large as the CityKidsFoundation in New York, as intimate as organizing a fundraiser for a fellow musician in a time of need, and as far-reaching as Girls Rock & Girls Rule which aids a different charity every year. Who knew that being Grumpy can change the world for the better? As LTG fans, known as Grumpies, shout, “What are you waiting for? It’s time to GET GRUMPY!!”
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New Lovebettie Video New Lovebettie Video
Posted in News Archive on 5 May 2013
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Check out this brand new awesome promo video featuring highlights from Lovebettie’s CD Release Party for the new album, RISE.  Filmed at Diesel in Pittsburgh On April 20th, 2013.  The video is shot and cut by Marcus Morelli at Skene 19 Films.  And it features a previously unreleased song from the new CD called “Alarm”:

How To Get A Gig, Tip 4 How To Get A Gig, Tip 4
Posted in Columns on 10 November 2009
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Our 4th installment of “How To Get A Gig” covers what you should be doing when you made it to the club where you play

How To Get A Gig: Tip 3 How To Get A Gig: Tip 3
Posted in Columns on 16 October 2009
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Hey Rockers!  All right! You’ve set the date for your gig, regardless of good or bad day/timeslot… now what?? ?Tip # 3: PROMOTE, PROMOTE, PROMOTE.
I cannot emphasize this action more!  THIS IS PIVOTAL for your gigging future!  And in this day and age, with the world at your fingertips, there is no excuse for not making your show date known.? ?GET THE WHOLE BAND INVOLVED!
There’s often one person who does the bulk of the work so I know how tough this can be. But if each member of your band …

How To Get A Gig: Tip 2 How To Get A Gig: Tip 2
Posted in Columns on 17 September 2009
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Hey Rockers, now that you’ve learned a little something about phone etiquette for booking, here’s a helpful tip for when the club says ‘yes’!? ?
Tip # 2: BE FLEXIBLE. Some clubs like to try you out first. That means you might start off with a crappy timeslot on a crappy day. (CBGB did that, just so you know! They had an “audition” night. Then if they liked you well enough you were able to book a non-audition night. Still might be a crappy …

Where To Get A Gig in New York City Where To Get A Gig in New York City
Posted in Columns on 16 September 2009
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Where To Get A Gig In: New York City 
?A couple of cool spots to play in New York City!
??Ace of Clubs
?9 Great Jones ( = E. 3rd Street, b/w Broadway & Lafayette)
New York, NY 10012?
(212) 677-6924
?Type of venue: Cool downstairs rock club – 175 capacity.  Often a host to NYC’s various festivals, i.e. M.E.A.N.Y. fest & CMJ.?
Bands that play: Fountainhead, CC Coletti, The Naked Heroes, Loki the Grump?
Contact: Joey –
HE PREFERS AN EMAIL FIRST with a link to a stream or mp3 of your music.
?Genres:  Usually pretty open?
Backline:  …

How to Get A Gig, Tip 1 How to Get A Gig, Tip 1
Posted in Columns on 17 August 2009
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Hey Rockers,
we’d like to share some tried and true tips which not only help you secure the gig, but also develop that very important relationship with the booker/promoter, etc. no matter what area you’re looking to play.?
Yeah, yeah you’ve heard this all before. But I can’t tell you how many times I got my preferred day, my preferred timeslot, and a wee bit of extra promotion (bartender wearing our t-shirt) simply because I was professional from the start and developed a great relationship with …